Vinyl Wrapping 

What is Vinyl Wrapping and why chose to do it on your car?

Vinyl Wrapping is the name given to the process of covering a vehicle in a thin, pliable vinyl. It's often used as a branding method - to promote business by using the surface of your vehicle as an advertising space. However, vinyl wrapping is also known and used as an alternative way to car paint.

Advantages of vinyl wrapping:

Vinyl wrapping is a very good alternative way to car paint as it can be removed whenever the client wishes,

meaning you can change your car's colour as many time as you like without compromising your car's original paint colour, unlike car painting. In addition, vinyl wrapping helps preserve your paintwork, adding value to your car when it comes to selling it. Choosing vinyl wrapping also means you will be able to sell your car with its original colour. It's also usually cheaper than respraying. And the best part of all: You'll be able to give your car the appearance you've always dreamed of.